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Fitness with
a Purpose!
Makes Sense!
Parent and Child train together!

Martial Arts is one of the best forms of exercise existing today.  High repetition of movement using moderate intensity means anyone at any fitness level can improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness.  Also take advantage of the Nautilus fitness equipment for a wide range of strength training exercises.

Martial arts tends to build lean, athletic bodies.  An aerobic exercise, martial arts is an excellent weight loss and weight management program.

The key to fitness is finding an activity you enjoy and will continue on a consistent basis.  Martial arts focus on learning a new skill and personal development, not on the exercise itself.  Thus, it is never boring and is an activity people look forward to doing.

The socialization of man has resulted in "Rules" of behavior by which we are able to live in harmony.  Unfortunately, some have little regard for these rules and thus jeopardize our safety.

We have an inherent right to defend ourselves and the ability to do so is among the benefits gained through martial arts training.

The skill is guided, however, by an oath to use it only as a protection of ourself, our family or the "Rules" of our society.

One of the most rewarding aspects of martial arts training is the bonding that takes place between a parent and child who train together.  Both parent and child begin at a novice level with in itself presents a unique opportunity.

Working as a team they overcome learning hurdles and realize the many benefits.

As in life, a child learns it is the effort, perseverance and self-discipline that counts and the parent is directly involved in teaching this lesson.  Neither parent or child ever forgets this regularly  scheduled time spent together.

So, if you need to spend more time with your child or just want to share an amazing experience that will last a lifetime, try martial arts.  It creates a bond that can last a lifetime.

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