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Over 45 Years of Martial Arts Training

Our Academy was founded by Grand Master Chan Yu. Grand Master Yu left Seoul, South Korea with a dream of starting a martial arts school and spreading the martial arts culture throughout the world. His dream became a reality on July 27, 1974 when he arrived at Kansas City International Airport to begin his American journey. His arrival was greatly anticipated by the small martial arts community that existed in the St. Joseph area at that time. A group of students was waiting for Grand Master Yu when he arrived and he held his first class that same day. The students were so impressed by Grand Master Yu's character and technique that the word quickly spread of his arrival and the classes filled with newcomers. Some of the students who started with Grand Master Yu still practice at Yu's Academy and are leaders to help other students gain the same success that they have through the martial arts.

Today Yu's Academy is owned and operated by Master Instructor Chuck Sims. The Academy still teaches the same forms and techniques passed on to us by Grand Master Yu.

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